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Sophie Ramm

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Sophie Ramm currently works and lives in Vienna. She approaches architecture from theoretical, artistic and performative perspectives. She is a university assistant and currently doing her doctorate in the field of architectural theory and technical sciences (ATTP) at the TU Vienna. She was a member of the painting class of Karin Kneffel at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. Before, she studied architecture at the UTFSM in Valparaíso, at the Technion in Haifa and at the Technical University of Munich, where she graduated with a Master's degree in 2019. She gained experience at the architecture firm RCR Arquitectes in Catalonia, which was awarded the Pritzker Prize during her internship period. From 2017 to 2021, she worked in the office of FAM Architekten in Munich, where she was involved in competition design to implementation in housing and urban development. As a member of the architecture collective PointOfNoReturn, she deals with the tension between urban space and society. The collective won the 2022 Förderpreis für Architektur of the City of Munich. Thus, in painting she draws from her practical and theoretical experience in architecture and experiments with its genuine pictoriality.

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Vervielfältigungen aller Art über den rein privaten Gebrauch hinaus bedürfen der ausdrücklichen Zustimmung. 
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